Barriers in Digital Transformation

Welcome to our study on the challenges of Digital Transformation.

Digital technologies have become an integral part of everyday life and are playing an increasingly important role in companies. Rapid technological progress and increasingly individual customer needs are driving the change. Digital transformation describes the process of change in a company and involves more than just the digitization of individual components. Smart products and services, optimization through digital processes and workflows, as well as new business models are changing the way we work. For this reason we would like to ask you for your opinion. Participate in the survey and help to identify barriers and uncover obstacles. 

Before you begin the questionnaire, we would like to briefly provide you with the most important information.


approx. 10 minutes

Aim of the questionnaire:

This research is dedicated to the study of drivers, success factors and barriers of digital transformation. The aim is to develop key performance indicators in a large-scale international study to identify barriers at an early stage and improve management solutions. This makes companies fit to take the right measures to implement the digital transformation responsibly and successfully.

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